Stefán Arason

Foto: Anders Horsbøl Weiss

Foto: Anders Horsbøl Weiss

Stefán Arason (b.1978) started his music studies in The Musicschool of Neskaupstadur (town on the east-coast of Iceland) 1984. He studied piano and later he also studied trompet and church organ. He played in the school band, dixie band and with jazz-and popmusicians. He also sang in the local school choir and later in the curch choir.

In 1994 he started in college, Verkmenntaskóli Austurlands (local college) in the field of science. But 1996 he moved to Reykjavík and started studies at the Hamrahlíd College in the field of music but all the music theory and instrument teaching took place in the Reykjavik College of Music. His mane instrument was the piano, and he finished 7. grade (in Iceland there are 8. grades).

He also joined the Hamrahlíd choir, where Thorgerdur Ingólfsdóttir is a conductor, and he was a member in that choir until 2001.

He graduated from the Hamrahlíd College 1998.

In the fall 1998 he became a student in the Department of Theory and Composition at the Reykjavik College of Music. He studied there with Tryggvi M. Baldvinsson, from 1998-2000, and Hilmar Thórdarson from 2000-2001.

He gratuated with a Diploma in Theory and Composition in the spring 2001.

In the fall 2001 he entered the composition class at the Royal Academy of Music, in Aarhus, Denmark. He studied there with Karl Aage Rasmussen, Bent Sørensen and Hans Gefors. He gratuated in the spring 2004.

Stefán studied Musical Theory with Lasse Laursen at the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, and finished the 4th year out of 5 in the spring 2006.

Now, Stefán is studying the organ with Jens Ramsing, at Sjællands Kirkemusikskole.

Stefán is also a conductor for the choir Staka.